United5 slaví narozeniny

United5 slaví narozeniny

It’s unbelievable, but just ran throughout the year from the first casting to a new boyband. Our first Czech-Slovak boyband subsequently chose its name United5. Even if our boyband originated literally from scratch has come a one year to very interesting results that they could envied many other artists. And how that one year was United5?


09/01/2014 appeared in the newspaper’s first report on casting

September 24 – 25, 2014 was Casting in Bratislava and Prague, and there were selected 5 boys. The jury sat Ales Lehky and Vaclav Jelinek of the legendary group Lunetic, Denis Ingoldsby and Andrew Murray – producers of UK and Roman Rossi – Producer for CR agency NEMOROS Ltd.

5/10/2014 recording first singles with Andrew Murray

10/10/2014 Training camp in Croatia

19/10/2014 Recording in London

02/11/2014 Recording another 5 singles (Total has already United5 10 singles)

28/11/2014 Shooting the first video

10/12/2014 Introducing public groups United5 first single “Longest summer” including a video clip (PRAGUE)

12/12/2014 Live TV Markiza – Slovakia

12/01/2015 The first choreographic training camp

05/02/2015 First Live Concert in Slavkov near Opava

06/02/2015 The new image and photographing in Manchester (UK)

26/02/2015 Meeting with the producers on the future of the band (England)

04/03/2015 Second LIVE concert in Steborice (Moravian-Silesian region)

09/03/2015 Filming second video clip

24/03/2015 Publication of the second single, “Can you hear me”

25/03/2015 recording new singles in the studio with Andrew Murray, release of the first U5 Diary

13/04/2015 edition of the video for the single “Can you hear me”

14/04/2015 United5 live on Ocko mixer

20/04/2015 Recording new singles in the studio with Andrew Murray

26/04/2015 A new series of public appearances in the Czech Republic and SK, interviews on radio and PR

18/05/2015 edition of the third single titled “Name in the Sand”

24/05/2015 Concerts Silesian Theatre, BRAVO TV, Film Festival Zlín etc.

31/05/2015 Shooting of the new movie “Name in the sand” in Slavkov and around

07/06/2015 live on TV NOVA

08/06/2015 release of the summer movie “Name in the sand” with a large summer competitions

17/06/2015 Another week in the studio with Andrew Murray (Group already has 20 singles), a first victory in the charts and on Ocko

26/06/2015 Opening holiday concerts tour, concert Tisa (total of 14 concerts) and work in e studio

22/08/2015 Shooting of a new music video, choreography, training, recording studio (25 singles), preparing for the tour

11/09/2015 release of their debut CD “The First Step”

16/09/2015 Achieving 5 place in the hit parade of dance music in the UK with the song Name in the sand.

09.25.2015 1 year from the casting to a new boyband


Next year will be very busy, since just a few days after the last concert in Otrokovice United5 depart on his first concert tour of the UK and soon after his return followed by a concert tour in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Surely they all have something to look forward to because the program United5 is another very busy year.












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