United5 revolves second album and will go to play in England

United5 revolves second album and will go to play in England


Czech and Slovak boyband United5 currently dwells in the Prague studio Faust, where he is completing songs for the second album. The process is attended by the British producer and songwriter Andrew Murray, who gave last year on the basis of casting five-member band together and writing songs for her. Experience it is enough to account has teamed up with such stars such as Christina Aquilera, Leona Lewis and Alicia Keys.

„The idea came to me to assemble boyband came from manager Roman Rossi. For us in Britain and formed the band routinely. Few have created an organic way, namely that members know, for example, from primary school and then continued to play together. Bands like United5 mostly arise selection to casting. Even those who started organically, so you need to come by the other members, “explains Pravo in Prague studio Faust Andy Murray.

United5 forms Mário Bendik, Matt Blaha, Norbert Brand, Martha and Peter Duffek Juhás. “I did not act in a boyband, I wanted to be a soloist,” says Mário Bendík Pravo. “Then I thought about it though, and something in my head told me to go to casting. It turned out that it was the best decision I could make. I do not regret it, because I now things are happening that I never experienced before.“

Matt Blaha was again a rock band. “Even though I grew up on a boyband, I have already much in love. I got to harder music that I dealt with. I tried it but it worked out and I’m glad, “he says.

They both claim that they had to give up the vast majority of other activities and devote only United5. “It is now our whole life,” says Bendik.

„Songs that are on our first album were written blindly. Currently produced songs for the second album and they are written upon us peace. Among them are rock-like pieces, some have even worked. I enjoy it because before United5 arose, I wrote for my band, “says Blaha.

Also reveals that the group is the creation of final versions of the songs naturally creative dissent. Compromise and consensus but ultimately always be found. “I’ve had have moments when I would prefer rose and one of his colleagues put behind your ear. But I’ve always cool, “he adds with a smile Bendík.


For five years

„United5 take it as a project in which I spend at least five years. For as long as we have an agreement, then we will see. While this will work out, we’ll continue on. If not, go your separate ways. We have completed the first year, the first album, we shoot another and waiting for our tour in England, “says Bendik.

From the forthcoming UK concerts they expect to find them new fans, and looks forward to their response. The first step towards them is the English text which is the band still commonplace. Together with Murray they emphasize that had the best pronunciation. When they say it with some words not it, the text is changed to another, pronunciation easier.

„In the Czech and Slovak perceive our listeners especially music. In England, they know exactly what we sing. I think it will be an advantage for us because the fans will feel the true emotion of the songs, “says Blaha.

„But we do not exclude that in the future nenazpíváme a song in Czech or Slovak. Already on the second album will be one such alternative, at the end of which he sings Matt Czech and Slovak me. But they are still only two sentences, “says Bendik.

The first album The First Step was released a few days ago. The latter appear on the market until next year, but there is now.

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