Was it difficult to choose who is to become a member United5?

No. It was clear who are the best. But it was hard to deny the other. There were a lot of talented children, who have made a great hope. I did not use, I’m not renowned producer Simon Cowell. However, the top five were the obvious choice, even if the casting were the two long days.





What are the ambitions of the group United5?

It’s hard to say, it will try the best. If the songs are good guys can succeed. If you are not good enough, it’s my fault. The guys are working hard, keep improving. The promotion helps a man from the UK, so I see no reason why they would not do well in the Czech Republic but perhaps also in Britain and the rest of Europe.

In the Czech Republic it is not customary for bands formed in this way. In the UK, is this normal?

Yes, to a lesser or greater extent it happens in every band. When looking for members, organize castings and come upon them hundreds of people. Where the band formed entirely organically, it is in my opinion a minimum.

What was important when choosing?

Of course it was crucial that the guys knew how to sing. Not every time that all members of the boyband really can do. And then it was important that each of them had a slightly different look and a good complement. We also looked at the fact that everyone did not look well.

Did you have any idea about the target group for which you United5 assembled?

Of course, for young girls. Boyband are always for them. In the Czech Republic the power of such bands is not it? Children with you listening to One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer, but these are the bands that in the Czech Republic or the Slovak protruding so many young girls who are dying to have their own boyband, who could love and have his poster over his bed. Perhaps there can be boys.





Do you personally know Simon Cowell, who stands behind the most successful boy band One Direction?

Beer do not go together, but a few times I met him. However, an inspiration for me only in that respect, I bought fitting pants.

You write for United5 songs. It’s hard to write for boys who are two generations younger?

I’m not that old, so I would not say that it is a problem. Each of us has a talent for something, and I love pop music. Am I compose songs that people then whistling. They come to me naturally. It’s not difficult no matter who you are. Now it was even easier, I’ve already met the guys and know what to whom sit.

How many songs did you write?

Hundreds and hundreds. Some in music charts of different countries, a few of them got to the top in Germany. I have a favorite song but in a drawer. I love her, but nobody wants her.

What is your interest in the work of the composer?

Perhaps that often you meet someone, shake hands, and in ten minutes you sit and work together on a song that you can be very personal. Opening the artists a lot more than you opened strangers in a bar. Much exposes complete strangers.

You have remixed songs Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys and Leona Lewis. Do you know them personally?

No. What does happen is that your record company sends a clear vocal and you work with him. Another it was with Alicia Keys, who invited us remixed the song. With her I had met. It’s a nice lady.

What do you think about remixing songs significance?

This song may break away from the mold of the original. We need Hurts remixed song from Christina Aguilera. It was a slow ballad and we edit it so that it played in the US dance radio.

What makes a song a hit?

You need a great song and good luck. How many times I thought about something that’s wallop, and nobody ever uploaded. Other times I feel like I’m losing a little time, and then the song is a success.