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Bunny did not get accidentally to agency logos. It’s mascot a darling and his presence a the most points at the corners okousáním tax returns:-) The Agency was established in 2006 a started as an advertising agency with a focus on graphics and design and related consulting. Long-term contracts were consulting a advertising services for the oil companies, the promotion of a network of petrol stations in the whole country, or a recommended supplier status for all office real estate network RE / MAX, where not only supplying promotional elements, as well as modern 3D products a implemented several design and delivery of RE / MAX. Gradually expanded to include photographic and film studio and also memorable events, concerts and celebrities enriched our market as well as photographs and photo-pictures from around the world. Providing advice is extended to the economy and crisis management and the company provided the labor crisis manager for many firms and companies in the Czech Republic from a small transport company after the one of the largest agricultural companies in the Czech Republic.
Today – Today the whole group NEMOROS as  group and each of them operates in a number of sectors. Detailed information about each company under the new Business Corporations Act can be found under the “more” for each company.
  • NEMOROS s.r.o.: Production and film agency

    • The producer of the musical “Angels after the school” (music: Michal David, lyrics: Lou Fanánek Hagen, Director: Filip Renč)
    • Producer first Czech-Slovak Boy band (Denis Ingoldsby, Andy Muray – England)
    • Producer models and talent (Yuliia Rossi, Alexandra Volkmerová …)
    • Professional film studio, TV production, videos, concerts, shows
    • Production show and entertainment programs
    • Photographic and advertising services


  • NEMOROS Invest s.r.o.

    • Economic consulting and crisis management
    • Solving corporate and employee policies, company formation, business counseling
    • Comprehensive property management, energy supply and services, maintenance, operation, service and accounting
    • Comprehensive services for foreign investors in the Czech Republic
    • Financial services, loans, insurance


  • NEMOROS Real Estate s.r.o.

    • Investment, purchase and sale of real estate



    • The owner and investor concern around


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